Spilled Water on Carpet: What You Should Do?

Spilled Water on Carpet: What You Should Do?

if you have spilled water on your carpet, don’t panic. You have not completely ruined your carpet. With just a few tricks, using ingredients from your house, you will restore your carpet’s condition.

As much as dealing with a wet carpet is challenging, it is inevitable when you have children and pets. Adults, too sometimes, accidentally knock a glass of water down.

When you spill water on the carpet, you need to take action immediately. If left unattended, the water can cause discoloration or, even worse, a mold infestation.

However, before you begin dealing with this disaster, you need to know the type of water you are dealing with.

Clean water and greywater both have different methods of cleaning. I have done the research to help you understand how to deal with spilled water. Here is how you clean it.

How do you Clean Up Spilled Water on the Carpet?

Spilled Water on Carpet: How To Clean Effectively?

Clean With Soap and Water

The first method of preventing your carpet from total damage is cleaning it using soap and water. However, this is not as simple as it sounds. You need to take certain precautions.

Dry the Water

The most effective way of keeping your carpet safe is by drying the water that you spill quickly. Try to remove as much water as you can from the carpet before it reaches other parts.

Using a clean and dry piece of cloth or towel, gently press it on the wet spot. You can also rub the cloth against the water stain.

However, it is important to note that this trick only works when the water is freshly spilled. Soak up the water by standing on the towel to press it further into the carpet.

Naturally, the water will be drawn to the dry material leaving your carpet clean and damage-free. Paper towels are efficient too in dealing with this type of mess.

Add weight to the paper towel; you strategically position it on the wet area by putting a heavy object on it. Leave that paper towel undisturbed for about an hour.

Clean the Wet Area

As you carry out your daily activities, you will often dirty your carpet with sediments. This dirt will stick on the carpet fibers making them difficult to remove.

How do you clean this dirt without damaging your carpet’s appearance? First, add soap to a basin with water to create a soapy mixture. Alternatively, you can use a detergent in the place of soap.

However, pick a non-bleaching one because if you use a detergent with bleaching abilities, you will discolor your precious carpet. Second, dip a clean towel into the bowl with the mixture.

Since you don’t intend to loosen or remove your carpet’s fibers, rub the cloth gently on the wet spot. If you want a uniform appearance on your carpet, clean from the edges.

Cleaning your carpet from the inside to the edges often results in missing a few spots. These spots are distracting to look at and draw the attention of any guests who visit you. If soap and water don’t solve your problem, you need to consider cleaning with other ingredients.

Investigate the Origin of the Spill

If you saw the glass fall or you are certain of the source of the water in your carpet, you have no worries. However, if you are in the dark about the spill’s origin, dig for some answers.

Is this the first time you are cleaning a water stain on your carpet? If you regularly notice wet spots on your carpet, there’s a leak that you are not aware of, which could throw off your financial plans.

If the carpet is near a water dispenser, you would unintentionally spill water. Additionally, a problem with your plumbing could be causing water to spill on the carpet.

Your aquarium, if you have one, could overflow at times. In such cases, it would be best if you ask for the professional help from a plumber or related professionals. One call to the right personnel can save your carpet.

Clean With Water and Vinegar

Have you tried using the soap water mixture and had no promising result? You still have an option of using a mixture of water and vinegar.

Vinegar and Water Mixture

To effectively remove the water stain, clean with white vinegar mixed with water. A highly concentrated solution will cause irreversible damage to your treasurable carpet.

Consequently, you need to be careful about how you balance the ratio. In every four cups of water, add a quarter teaspoon of vinegar.

If that doesn’t sound precise, the ratio should be 950 ml: 1.2 ml. Dip a clean towel into the mixture you have made. Gently apply that vinegar and water solution to the wet spot.

If you have a small sprayer, you can use it in the place of the towel. Just like when you are cleaning with water, this method requires gentle rubbing.

If you use too much force, you will ruin the carpet by removing vital fibers. The important concept to get here is that vinegar’s pH does the tough work for you.

Allow the Carpet to Dry

If you want to know if your solution worked, you will need to let the carpet dry. For this step, you don’t need to intervene; let it dry naturally. When the carpet starts to dry, the water stain starts to disappear.

Nonetheless, if you realize that the stain is still visible, clean it again. As the carpet dries, make sure there is no movement on it.

If someone walks on it, they may leave dirt on the wet area, which then dries on the stain, causing even more harm.

Also, do not dry the carpet with an additional heat source. When the carpet is almost entirely dry, add about four grams of baking soda to the wet spot as a deodorant.

Using a Steam Iron

Often, people want to remove the water stain faster. Steam irons are a solution you can explore for faster results.

However, you must avoid ironing the carpet directly. For this reason, place a towel over the wet spot.

Set the steam iron to its lowest steaming function to direct the steam towards the stain. Now leave the iron on the towel for a few minutes.


I hope this article has helped you know how to deal with spilled water on your carpet. It can happen to anybody, regardless of how careful they are.

So, you don’t have to replace your carpet immediately if you notice a water stain or after you have spilled water on it. First, try cleaning it yourself. If you are unsuccessful, seek professional help.