Laminate Over Carpet

Laminate Over Carpet: Can You Install it? How?

Can you put laminate over the carpet? This is a common question asked by people who are tired of the hard work involved in keeping a carpet clean or simply don’t like how it looks or feels anymore. Well, this article is for you.

It is possible to put laminate over the carpet. You will need to apply different methods depending on the type and thickness of the carpet you are installing. Some thicknesses require no additional materials but others may need you to put a layer of plywood between the laminate and the carpet.

A lot of people will advise against putting laminate over a carpet. They will give reasons that it will feel like you are walking on a cloud or that the laminate will bulk because of unevenness created by the carpet underneath it.

This could potentially lead to pressure being put on the seam and potentially breaking the joints. This is a real possibility in a situation where you put the laminate directly on top of the carpet or if the carpet is too plush. We will talk about ways in which to get around this.

putting carpet over laminate flooring

Situations where you should put laminate over carpet

There are a number of reasons why you would want to ditch the carpet in favor of the cleaner and modern look that laminate gives you. For starters, if you have pets, carpets come with a host of issues.

These can include having to deal with fur trapped in your carpet. It is also a breeding ground for carpet beetles, dust mites, and other undesirables.

On the other hand, they can just make a room look really dull as opposed to laminate which can brighten a space up. If you have young children, it is also worth considering laying laminate over your carpet.

Washing stains off a carpet can be really hard work and some stains simply won’t go away. If the property you live in is a rental, you may also have to install laminate over an existing carpet because you are not allowed to remove the carpet.

Can I put laminate over the carpet?

The answer to this is a definite YES! It is technically possible to put laminate over the carpet. There are a few factors that need to be put into consideration first before you go ahead and do it.

The first thing is the thickness of the carpet. If the carpet is too thick or plush, you may encounter the issue we’ve already talked about where the floor feels bouncy or soft under your feet.

This is definitely not the feeling you want from a carpet. The other thing you need to consider is how even the floor is. Carpeting can be forgiving to uneven floors but laminate will not be.

It will expose any unevenness that exists on your floors. If you have such a situation, you may want to call in a professional instead of doing it yourself. They will know how to best deal with the situation. It may cost more money but it will be worth it when you get a good end product.

Laminate Over Carpet

What should I put between carpet and laminate?

Should you put anything between the carpet and laminate when you install it? This is a question best answered by saying it depends.

If your carpet is ¼ of an inch thin, you can safely and easily install laminate right on top of it without the need of putting anything between the carpet and laminate. However, when the carpet is a bit thick, you will most likely need to put something between the carpet and laminate.

Usually, these will be plywood boards. You lay them over the carpet and secure them so that they don’t slip. You then install the laminate over the plywood. Doing this gets rid of the “walking on clouds” problem giving your floor that nice hard feeling.

There are cases where it will not be a good idea to install laminate over a carpet. This is in situations where the carpet is just too thick. In such situations, the best course of action is to first remove the carpet before installing the laminate.

Should you install the laminate myself or hire a professional?

Now, let’s look at whether you should do the job yourself or hire a professional. If you have a good background in DIY, this may be something that you can tackle yourself.

Judging by the number of YouTube videos of people installing laminate by themselves, it seems to be a relatively job. The look can be deceiving though as those who have taken the DIY route have attested to it.

When the room is even and you are dealing with a thin carpet, most people with basic DIY aptitude should be able to take care of this job. If, on the other hand, you have unevenness in the rooms you want to put laminate in, you may discover that the best route to take would be to get a professional to do it for you.

How long does it take to apply laminate over carpet?

If you choose the DIY route, how long can you expect to take to complete a room? Obviously, that depends on the size of the room and whether or not you have help.

It will take roughly 2 days to complete a medium-sized bedroom or a small lounge if you are doing it by yourself. If, on the other hand, you have help, you can expect to get the job done in about a day or so.

Make sure to do the necessary research prior to starting your project. This will get you better prepared for any pitfalls which may arise as they often do with DIY projects.

Conclusion on putting laminate flooring over the carpet

Laminate is a great option for most living spaces. It adds that vibrant feel to a room and is also easy to clean and maintain. It is a great alternative to carpets for a number of reasons. I hope this article has helped you make a more informed decision as far as installing laminate over carpet is concerned.