How To Clean Gas Out of Carpet

How To Clean Gas Out of Carpet? 6-Step Guide

You will never miss a gasoline spill as the smell is distinct. Gas on a car carpet is most likely from spilling when fueling the car. When you realize there is gas in your carpet, the first step is to establish the gas source.

Gas is highly flammable when it comes in contact with fire. Evaluate whether the gas is a lot or just a spill. But in all cases, if you smell gas, start by stopping the car engine; if it’s the car, if it’s the house, put off the cigarette and any fire source to avoid an accident.

After this, the next step is getting the gas out of your carpet. We have done an extensive research to show you how you can get the gas out of your carpet. Go through the article and learn how.

What to do first when Cleaning Gas out of a Carpet

Gas on a carpet needs special and fast attention. Whether the stain is on the car or home carpet, the gas smell can be overpowering depending on how large the spill was.

Apart from that, it can cause a fire when it comes into contact with any fire source, including a spark from an electronic device. Switch all the fire sources off and all electricity off to ensure your safety. After that, open the windows and doors for ventilation and allow the fumes to get out to clear the air.

What’s the source?

You don’t want to do all the work of getting rid of the stain and then finding another one has occurred immediately. Start by finding out where the gasoline is coming from.

Don’t even think of using the air freshener as it will change the smell for a few seconds, but as long as the gas is still there, the smell will persist. A spillage can happen in a car when fueling when the doors are open.

But if that’s not the case, ensure you establish the cause and stop it. If the stain is diesel, you will require a liquid solution to eliminate the stain as it is denser compared to gasoline.

Gasoline will evaporate quickly when you open the windows and the doors. For that reason, its odor is lingering. Diesel on the other hand; when unburnt, has an oily smell.

How to get rid of the gas

The first step is getting rid of the excess liquid by bloating it using paper towels or clean rags. Optionally, you can even use cat litter to absorb the liquid.

After absorbing, get rid of what you used safely, as you will learn below. Sprinkle baking soda on the stain and leave it for around four hours to absorb the smell and stain.

After that, vacuum the baking soda and observe how the stain is, so far. If you can still get damp powder, sprinkle more baking soda and this time around, let it stay overnight to give it more time to absorb.

Repeat the process of vacuuming the area and the baking soda the next day.

Treating the Stain

Use a solvent-based stain remover. Alternatively, you can use an enzyme-based liquid detergent that is heavy-duty.

An example is the Tide and Persil brands. Rub the stain using the remover and a soft brush. Leave the stain remover to settle for around 15 to 20 minutes.

Cleaning the Stain

Take a liquid dishwasher and mix it with warm water. Use the ratio of one tablespoon to one cup of warm water.

Using the soft brush, rub the liquid dishwasher and the water on the stain. To avoid the stain from spreading, work from the edge of the stain to the center.

Rinsing and Drying

Using a white cloth or paper towel, blot the stained area to get rid of the excess soapy solution.

If there is a way you can leave the carpet under direct sunlight, the better it will help in the whole process.

Vacuum the litter that you used to blot. In case the stain is still there, you can repeat the process.

How To Get Rid Of the Gasoline Smell on the Carpet

There are instances where the gasoline leaves a disturbing odor after cleaning. To get rid of this smell, it would be best to start by sprinkling coffee grounds on a specific spot. However, to avoid straining your finances, get cheaper coffee grounds.

Getting rid of this smell requires you to let the coffee grounds absorb the odor for a day. If you need excellent results, allow the coffee grounds to work for a couple of days without being disturbed. The oil-based nature of the coffee allows it to absorb the smell efficiently.

Alternatively, you can use dry baking soda and vinegar. You must spatter your baking soda over the spot with a horrible smell on your carpet for this method to work.

You will then use a brush, preferably with stiff bristles, to work the baking soda through the carpet’s fibers.

The dry baking soda will neutralize the odor while vinegar leaves a sweet scent. Soak up any oil that might have not yet dried using a clean towel or rag.

If you have a spray bottle, mix the white vinegar with warm water and spray it on the odor area. You can also use a rag to apply the vinegar solution to your carpet.

Mix your baking soda with warm water and apply the mixture to a specific spot. However, it will help if you allow the baking soda to sit on the carpet for about an hour.

Optionally, let the baking soda absorb the smell overnight. The next step is to vacuum the carpet.

Using the Homemade Method

Adding Vinegar

The first step of the homemade method is sprinkling diluted white vinegar on the affected spot.

Mix two white vinegar with warm water and sprinkle two tablespoons over the spot with the gasoline smell.

However, homeowners who have bigger affected spots on the carpets should use more vinegar to get rid of the smell.

Adding Baking Soda

Scoop about a quarter cup of baking soda. Pour the dry baking soda on the same spot you applied the diluted white vinegar.

If the spot that has the gas smell is big, be sure to use more baking soda.

Scrubbing the Carpet

The third step is scrubbing the spot you applied baking soda and vinegar. Use a brush that has soft bristles to scrub the vinegar and baking soda on your carpet.

To effectively remove the odor, it helps if you keep scrubbing for about thirty seconds. A paste will be visible after the scrubbing.

Give Room For Smell Absorption

Allow the paste that has been formed to perform its job for about three hours. If you want better results, leave the vinegar and baking soda paste on your carpet overnight.

Vacuum Your Carpet

Once you are confident that you have allowed enough time for smell absorption, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the paste from your carpet.

Examine Your Carpet

The final stage is examining whether smell removal was successful. If you still have an unwanted odor, repeat the above procedure. Moreover, if you have satisfactory results, lay your carpet back on the floor.


A gas stain should no longer be an issue for you by using the above method. You will get rid of the stain and smell, leaving your car and your home smelling fresh again.

But remember getting the stain source is important. You will stop the stain from getting bigger and avoid accidents that come with excess gasoline, which could be suffocation from the smell if the room is not ventilated correctly or a possible fire outbreak.