How Long Should You Leave Baking Soda On The Carpet?

How Long Should You Leave Baking Soda On The Carpet?

Are you worried about leaving baking soda on your carpet for too long? Most homeowners prefer using baking soda over chemicals for a wide range of functions.

Carpet cleaners pose a threat to the well-being of your family. For this reason, people who have young children and pets tend to avoid chemical carpet cleaners.

Leaving baking soda on your carpet for too long has its repercussions. If you leave it for too long, you reduce its ineffectiveness. You, therefore, need to consider the results you intend to get from using the baking soda. Once the function has been done to satisfaction, you are free to remove the baking soda.

In short, it is recommended that you leave baking soda on your carpet for at least 20 minutes to 60 minutes to allow it to soak in and do the cleaning. Don’t leave baking soda on your carpet for more than an hour as that could harm your carpet.

To help you understand the amount of time you need to leave baking soda on a carpet, we researched. Below are a few insights.

Baking Soda In Carpet Deodorization

Baking soda is an essential asset that you should never miss in your home as it is used in almost all cleaning disciplines. For instance, baking soda can be used in a carpet to deodorize.

When using baking soda, you can choose to use it directly from the manufacturing box or the canister. But if you want to have an easy time, you can put it in a canister shaker or design your own shaker.

The process of making a shaker is simple. The components you need are a jar, rubber band, and glossy ads, which in this case, a construction paper will work just fine if you don’t have glossy ads

. After that, go ahead and fill the jar with the baking soda and secure the top with the paper and rubber band. Poke holes on the paper to create a make-shift baking soda dispenser.

After that, spread the baking soda on the carpet. For deodorization, the baking soda can sit on your carpet for 15 minutes to a whole night.

All you have to do is ensure that no one steps on the carpet, including pets, as you want the baking soda to remain undisturbed overnight to get the best results. After that vacuum, the baking soda, and you are good to go.

how long should you leave baking soda on carpet

What are the benefits of deodorizing using baking soda?

The first advantage is baking soda is not expensive. Chances are you already have it in your house, so there is no extra cost. Baking soda is not harsh like other chemicals used in deodorization.

It is alkaline but still, people consume it. With baking soda, there are no allergies and fragrances that you risk getting if you use commercial deodorizers.

Some of them will have an artificial scent that gets rid of the odor but, in return, leaves you with allergies like always sneezing.

As for baking soda, it removes the odor rather than masking it like artificial deodorizers. Apart from that, baking soda is environmentally friendly as it does not cause any form of pollution.

Carpet Cleaners and Baking Soda

Some people have reservations about cleaning their carpets using carpet cleaners. On most occasions, the reasons range from health risks to the cost.

If you want to save some money by using baking soda, you will still effectively clean your carpet without stretching your budget. Use a bowl to mix baking soda with clean water.

This mixture forms a solution that is effective on stains without discoloring your carpet. If the stains are tougher, you can add soap to the water and baking soda mixture.

After you have allowed the mixture to rest on the carpet for an appropriate amount of time, vacuum the carpet. The freshness in your carpet will be so delightful enough to grab your attention.

Chemical cleaners may be harmful to the environment as well as to children and pets. If you prefer carpet cleaners over baking soda, it would be best to invest in professional carpet cleaning. This will help you reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals.


From the above information, it’s clear that baking soda is not something you should miss in your house. Using it, you can save your carpet from having a permanent stain when handled early enough.

It’s easy for it to come out and save you from getting a whole new carpet. Consider using cinnamon, cloves, and any other dry herb you prefer in equal portions and sprinkle them on the affected area to make it even more efficient. But first, try it in a small area or a different area to see the results to avoid more stains.