Do You Tip Carpet Cleaners

Do You Tip Carpet Cleaners: How much is Appropriate?

Tipping service providers is expected in most communities around the world, especially in the US but do you tip carpet cleaners?

We are going to take a look at this issue in this article and see what the proper approach for this should be.

It is not traditionally required that you tip a carpet cleaner. However, you may choose to do it based on how you see fit. If you feel that the carpet cleaner went over and above with their service delivery, it’s a good idea to tip them. Now, let’s explore the reasons for and against tipping your carpet cleaners.

Should I tip my carpet cleaner?

To answer this question logically, let’s look at the different types of carpet cleaners and the work that they do.

There are generally two categories of carpet cleaners. You have an independent professional who is a hands-on role in the cleaning process.

They may have a helper that they bring along to assist with the job. They are basically business owners. You do not need to tip them in this instance.

The precedent in most cases is that they usually charge slightly more than larger companies do and what they get is usually more than enough.

The other category of carpet cleaners is medium to large-sized companies. They send in their employees to do the work. In such cases, it may be a good gesture to tip the carpet cleaners though it is not accepted.

People in the cleaning services receive a pretty decent income as opposed to others in the service industry like waitresses, delivery guys, and other similar jobs that pay just under or roundabout minimum wage.

tipping carpet cleaners
Do You Tip Carpet Cleaners? Is It Appropriate?

It is customary to tip these guys for their service.

Even though you are not expected to tip your carpet cleaner, there are a few exceptions where you may tip them at your own discretion.

These are in cases where you feel like they went over and above their mandate or worked exceedingly hard to do the job. Cleaning carpets involves moving furniture around and some other issues like exceptionally difficult stains that require extra effort.

You may choose to tip them if you feel led to do so. In cases where you have a private contractor who has someone helping them, you may decide to tip them.

They are probably not earning much in the first place and a small tip will definitely be welcome. It is important that you only tip for good service delivery and not reward bad service. This means that you only tip them after the job is done and not before or during.

How much should I tip my carpet cleaner?

Now that we’ve dealt with whether or not you are supposed to tip your carpet cleaner, the next thing we need to look at is just how much you should tip them.

Depending on where you live, tips generally range from 5% to 20% of the total bill. Does this standard apply when it comes to carpet cleaners? Like I said before, it’s really up to you because they won’t really be accepting it.

A $5 to $20 tip will be greatly appreciated by them. It simply comes down to your personal assessment of the situation.


The general rule of thumb here that you can use to guide you is not to tip company owners but employees especially those who act in the capacity of helpers to company owners.

It’s otherwise not an industry requirement for you to tip a carpet cleaner.

I hope that this article has helped you better understand whether or not you should tip your carpet cleaner. Let’s hear your thoughts and experiences regarding this topic in the comments section.