Can You Use Any Carpet Cleaner In A Hoover

Can You Use Any Carpet Cleaner In A Hoover? 2022 Facts

You just bought a new hoover, and you can’t wait to clean your carpet. But wait, do you have to throw away the carpet cleaner you were using before, or can you use any carpet cleaner in a hoover?

The good news is you can use any carpet cleaner on the hoover. All you need is to ensure you go through the manufacturer’s guide to know what to do and what not to do to ensure your cleaner gives you a long period of service.

In this article, you will learn the appropriate way to clean your carpet using the hoover to give it a long life span and leave your carpet sparkling. Apart from that, you will learn how to maintain the hoover for better service.

Prepare the area to be cleaned and items to clean with

Start by preparing the things you need to clean to ease your work once you start. You need to include carpet cleaning products like shampoo, hoover, water, and anything else you use.

Before settling on what product to use, ensure you confirm the product is suitable for your carpet as some carpet fabric is quite sensitive. As for hoover Cleaners, feel free to use any product.

The next step is getting the area you are cleaning ready. Remove all the movable furniture to make the whole process easy and fast.

After that, vacuum the carpet to remove the loose dirt, and that way, you can see stains on the carpet and work on them before starting the whole process.

Treat every stain depending on its source. When cleaning a stain, brush the stain from the edge to the center to avoid spreading the stain further. Some stains may need soaking hence take your time.

Preparing hoover for cleaning

Start by filling the hoover tank with water up to the required part. Add the required shampoo. Excess shampoo is not suitable for both the hoover and the carpet. To avoid too much foaming and help in the cleaning process, especially getting rid of smells, you can add vinegar.

Apart from that, you can add any carpet cleaner you prefer to use. You can even opt for homemade cleaners as they are cheap, natural, and efficient. Avoid using shampoo on a silk carpet as it will destroy the quality of the carpet.

Preparing the carpet

Start by filling the cleaner tank with water. Warm water is better as it will help dissolve the soap and shampoo better.

Read the shampoo’s instructions and all the ingredients in the shampoo and all the carpet cleaning products to ensure no ingredient is not recommended for the carpet fabric or any allergic family member.

Ensure the shampoo you get for the carpet is an extractor with a clean water rinse cycle. When you put excess soap or shampoo in the machine, rinsing it becomes a problem.

Once the residue of either the soap or the shampoo is left on the carpet, they attract dirt, which is likely to cling to those residues making the dirty carpet dirty.

Cleaning the carpet

Rushing the cleaning process will give you shoddy results. In this case, ensure you have enough time. Clean the carpet thoroughly and ensure you keep emptying the water tank and replacing it with it. Ensure you clean using forward movements, and the reverse stroke all over the carpet as the emphasis on all parts will ensure it gets clean.

Ensure you clean all the spots in the house. If you realize a dirty place more than usual, clean the place severally than adding shampoo as with excess shampoo you are likely to leave some. Continue cleaning until when the water in the carpet cleaner is clear.

Be careful of the water you extract on the carpet as excess water can bring about molds which is dangerous to the household members. Rinse the carpet with hot clean water to remove the detergents.

The drying process

Start by checking whether the carpet is clean by putting your finger in the carpet and if it comes with some residue; you need to suction the carpet until all the residues are no more.

Wipe the woodwork surrounding the carpet to help maintain the wood as water can cause stains on the wood, and when in excess, it destroys the wood.

Allow your carpet to dry before putting back the furniture. Open the door and the windows to allow ventilation in the drying process. In case the furniture must be put back before the drying process using the aluminum foil to place in between the furniture and the carpet. Step on a towel in case you need to walk over the carpet before it dries.

After the carpet is dry, vacuum it again to remove the loose particles that remain after the cleaning process.

If your carpet is used frequently, it should be cleaned at least twice a year to ensure it doesn’t get permanent stains. If the carpet is from a rarely used room, it can stay up to 18 months without needing carpet cleaning services.

But in between that period, ensure you vacuum the carpet severally in a week.

How To Maintain A Hoover When Using A Carpet Cleaner

Read the Carpet Cleaner’s Instructions Manual

There are essential functions generic to certain carpet cleaners. On the other hand, some cleaners are manufactured for a specific purpose. You must read the manual to understand the function allowed for the specific cleaner you are using in our hoover.

Whenever you buy a new carpet cleaner, it would help if you read the instructions. Do not have assumptions that the usage of the new cleaner is similar to the old one’s. Additionally, if you have questions regarding the new cleaner’s use in a hoover, contact the manufacturer.

Empty and Clean Your Hoover’s Tank

Make sure you clean your hoover every time you use it. Empty the contents of its tank and clean it thoroughly. This practice ensures your hoover doesn’t create a conducive environment for bacterial buildup.

If the tank is not regularly cleaned, you risk having mold growth, which poses a health threat to you and your family. When you clean the tank after use, you ensure that the carpet cleaner you use does not clog the inside of your hoover.

After you have cleaned it, make sure you allow the hoover to dry before storing it.

Clean the Brushes After Use

When cleaning your carpet, unwanted material gets tangled up in your hoover’s brushes. These materials range from chewing gum, glue, food scraps, hair from your pets, and nail polish.

The dirt buildup on your hoover’s brushes compromises its efficiency in cleaning. Therefore, you must remove these unwanted materials from the brush before you store it.

To allow the carpet cleaner to flow without obstructions, make sure you clean the heads of your hoover’s brushes.

Use the Recommended Carpet Cleaner

Whenever you use the carpet cleaners that are not recommended for use in a hoover, you expose it to damage. This is because the machine is designed to work using only the recommended carpet cleaning solutions.

Additionally, using other carpet cleaners will void the warranty of your hoover. If you do not want to suffer this loss, you must use the specific cleaners meant for use in a hoover.

Observe Equipment Storage Discipline

The hoover needs to be maintained. Therefore, the carpet cleaner you use should be appropriately stored. It is not wise to expose the carpet cleaner to extreme temperatures.

The room you store the carpet cleaner in should have enough air circulation. Whenever you are picking a storage room, avoid attics and patios.


Hoover is a flexible carpet cleaner. You can use all the cleaning products you want and have including homemade ones.

This makes it very efficient. Using all the information above, you can now clean your carpet efficiently and maintain your hoover.

That way, you get a clean carpet that will serve you for a long and a hoover that will serve you and be in good condition for long.