Can You Put A Mini Fridge On Carpet?

Can You Put A Mini Fridge On Carpet?

Can you put a mini-fridge on a carpet? In this article, I am going to delve into this topic and look at whether or not it’s a good idea to put your mini-fridge on the carpet.

It is generally not recommended to put a mini-fridge on the carpet. There are a number of reasons why this is. Firstly, putting a mini-fridge on a carpet disrupts the airflow from the condenser.

The carpet acts as a buffer that chokes the flow of air around your fridge. A carpet under your mini fridge can also possibly lead to your door not shutting all the way through the meaningless cold in your fridge and higher power consumption.

If you bought a mini-fridge and you want to place it in your carpeted bedroom or basement, you may be wondering if this is a good idea, to begin with. Though conceptually it is very possible to place your fridge on a carpet, technically, it will do more harm than good.

Dangers of Placing Your Mini Fridge on a Carpet

Let’s look at the risks associated with placing your mini-fridge on the carpet now, shall we? To begin with, the condenser on most mini fridges is on the bottom of the fridge.

It needs good air circulation for it to function efficiently. When it’s on a hard floor, the air flows freely and there really isn’t any need for concern.

However, when you place it over a carpet, the airflow is hindered and carpets also trap heat meaning that the fridge needs to work overtime to produce sufficient cold. This leads to higher energy consumption and in some rare cases can lead to compressor failure.

Refrigerator on Carpet Fire Hazard

Some mini fridge models also have their coils located on the bottom of the unit. Most fridges have their coils located on the back part of the fridge and it is standard practice to leave some space between the back of the fridge and the walls.

When you buy a mini fridge with coils on the bottom and you place it over a carpet, as already mentioned, heat gets trapped in the carpet meaning that it retains that heat.

In rare cases, this has led to fires starting. I’m sure the last thing you want from your mini fridge is the risk of a fire starting because of it.

If you haven’t already bought one and are still considering it, I recommend that you go for units that have the coils at the back and not the bottom.

mini fridge on top of a carpet

Best Practices of Mini Fridge Placement

The best place to place your mini fridge is on a hard floor which allows for the free circulation of air. If you live in a small apartment with space constraints or you want to put it in your carpeted bedroom, there are still some ways of making sure that you place your mini-fridge over a carpet.

The first thing you can do is to put a piece of rubber or wood between your fridge and the floor. This immediately curtails the airflow issue and solves another issue that may happen to your fridge door not closing properly over a carpet.

This usually happens in situations where you have a really plush carpet and the carpet stucks on the door when you close it.

This means that you won’t have a tight seal leading to your compressor working overtime to keep temperatures in the fridge cold enough.

Over time, the lifespan of your compressor significantly shortens. Putting something between the carpet and fridge also prevents molds from forming in your carpet due to moisture dripping from your fridge.

How to Raise Mini Fridge off Floor

A really great way to fix this issue with the mini fridge is to raise the mini fridge a few inches off the ground altogether.

You can do this by custom building a wooden or metal raiser if you have DIY skills. It’s a simple frame construction that allows for the free flow of air underneath the fridge while also protecting the carpet from any damage that might arise from having the fridge on the carpet.


It’s not advisable to put your mini-fridge on the carpet. You need to put something in between the fridge and the carpet to avoid a number of associated risks.