Can Carpets Be Installed Without Moving Furniture

Can Carpets Be Installed Without Moving Furniture?

Installing a new wall-to-wall carpet is exciting. First, your home gets an appealing new look without forgetting the comfort that comes with the new carpet.

But now the issue comes in when you think of the tiresome process you have to go through to install the carpet. Is there a way you can install the carpet without moving the furniture?

The good news is yes! There is a new technology where the carpet is installed without having to move all the furniture. The new technology works in ways that it lifts the furniture when the carpet is being installed.

That way, you are saved from the hustle of having to move the furniture.

In this article, you will learn all there is to know about this amazing new technology. In addition, you will know what to look for when hiring companies with the said technology.

You will also get informed about other things you need to have in mind when installing a carpet.

Installing a Carpet without Moving Furniture Process

Moving furniture is a lot of work, and it slows the whole carpet installation process.

When installing a carpet without the lift system, work in the office has to stop to let the installation happen, and it will take more time.

Can Carpets Be Installed Without Moving Furniture?

lift installation system vs Traditional Methods

If you decide to use the lift installation system, the difficult part will be made easy for you. The carpet movers lift the furniture and then slide the carpet and then place the furniture back.

This will take less time than it could have if you employed the traditional methods. Most carpet movers companies have a lift system, so all you need is to hire one and let them do the work for you.

There are a few facts you need to consider when hiring to get the best deal and the best service.

When you are using lift technology, only a little packing is required. So if the carpet installation is happening at night, instruct the employees to do the packing earlier.

This will ease the work and avoid damaging valuable furniture. Everything needs to be packed. Make sure all the documentation in the office and the employees’ personal items from their working area are well organized.

Apart from that, all the office equipment like the computers, printers, coffee machines, and any other electrical equipment should be switched off. Consequently, you will avoid accidents such as damaging the equipment while moving.

The cables and the wires shouldn’t be removed.

Also, the furniture should remain as they were, you don’t have to disassemble them. Discuss with the carpet movers which room you want them to start with. Choose the room that you will need first.

In addition, you can look for movers who can do the installation at your most convenient hours. Different companies have different working hours, and some are more flexible than others.

There are companies which will do the installation in the evening when there is no one in the house. Apart from that if you want the carpet installed in your home, you can look for a company which will do the installation during the weekend when you and the rest of the family are out.

Tips for hiring a Carpet Mover

The first step is comparing different portfolios to see which company has the best deals. You can get recommendations from friends who have worked with carpet movers before.

Similarly, you can search on the internet for carpet movers near you and ask for their portfolio. Go through all of them and choose the one that fits you the best.

After that, choose the company whose working hours are the most convenient for you. This depends on where you want them to install the carpet either at home or the office.

The best time for the installation to happen is when no one is around to avoid unnecessary interruptions that slow down the movers. Choose the company with the best and most reviews online.

You should also consider the ones with the highest rating.

Check what other people have said about their services and their customer relations. This is how you get to see and hire the best company for the job. You can check the reviews online through the comments made by people who have worked with them.

After you have made all the arrangements, it’s time to come up with the date and the time for the whole installation. Before then, ensure you have packed and kept all the fragile items in a safe location.

The carpet movers will then come to install the carpet without much packing and unpacking. This is convenient for both you and the movers. With the lift system, you will save around 40% of what you could have saved using the traditional methods.

Prepare Your House Installation of a Carpet

Ensure all the home remodeling is done before making any installation, from the fresh coating to the new wallpaper or any other repair that was ongoing.

This is to ensure the remodeling process doesn’t destroy the carpet you install or any other floor. If the carpeting is happening in a room that has large appliances that require wiring, ensure the wiring happens before installing the carpet.

The reason is: that when the wiring is done after the installation they will have to lift the carpet which will affect how it looks. Your floor needs to be even out before installation.

To prevent the dust from spreading throughout the process cover the furniture using plastic paper. Also, use masking tape to seal and ensure no dust gets through to your furniture.

When going through the process, consider an alternative place for your pet to stay. As strange activities can upset the pet, making it get violent with the people installing it.

Apart from that, some chemicals used in the process may contain smells that might affect the cat and also the members of the family. If you or any member is allergic to any gum or anything that might be used in the installation process, make sure you communicate that to the company.

The advantages of using the lift system

The installation process can happen at any time when you are free or the area you want to be installed is not active. If it’s the office, the installation can happen at night when there is no one in the office.

All you need is to inform the employees to pack their belongings and documents on time. You can install and improve the look and comfort of the room without moving, and it takes a way short time compared to the other method.

It also saves you from any breakage that might happen during the moving process. The best carpet to install using this system is the carpet tiles which are easy to clean and replace in case there is one that gets destroyed.

This is because you don’t have to change the whole thing unlike the wall to wall carpet. It is also easy to take care of compared to other carpets.

Carpet tiles which are the best to install using the lift system are moist resistant as compared to the wall to wall. When you use the lift system, you save from 30% to up to 40% on the expense involved in packing and moving the furniture in a different room to unpacking.


From the information above, it’s clear that it is possible to install a carpet without having to move the furniture when you use the lift system. The best carpet to use the method is the carpet tiles as you install them gradually.

You get to save time and money. Next time you are moving or remodeling your house, and you need to install a new carpet, consider getting a carpet mover with the lift system. They will use it to remove the previous carpet and install the new carpet seamlessly