Can Carpet Cleaners Remove Bleach Stains?

Can Carpet Cleaners Remove Bleach Stains?

Imagine a scenario where you just installed your beautiful carpet, and you are feeling all proud because your house looks spectacular. But then you decide to soak your white top because you poured some coffee a few days ago, ooh wait! The bleach is still on the kitchen shelves, so you walk across the sitting room, opening the bleach in an attempt to save time.

Then, boom! The bleach bottle is down, and you spill bleach all over the carpet. You take a cloth to absorb it, but it keeps spreading and discoloring your carpet.

You are in panic mode and head to the laundry room and get your carpet cleaner to remove the bleach. Just as you are about to pour it, you second guess. Wait! Is the carpet cleaner going to remove the bleach or make it worse? This article is here to save you when you find yourself in such a situation.

Use of Chemical Carpet Cleaners

There are different types of carpet cleaning chemicals. Also, there are different types of cleaning chemicals for different carpets.

So in a scene where you choose a bleach stain using the wrong cleaner, then a few things may happen, the color will fade, or the cleaner will cause more stain.

Apart from that, you may be busy and decide to call the carpet cleaners to remove the stain. But the problem is; that you can never be sure if the cleaners will get it right as they may use the wrong chemical and make it worse. In some cases, some cleaners use strong chemicals, which could affect you.

But still, you could be lucky enough to get a professional cleaner who will use the right chemical and get it right. The worst about having a problem is that you’re not sure how it’s going to turn out; could be better or worse.

For this reason, we’ve come up with better ways to deal with a bleach stain that is safer and more creative.

How to Deal with Bleach Stains on Carpet

Using Hair Dye as a Carpet Cleaner

There are bleach stains that can be easily removed using hair dye. However, not all hair dyes sold in stores are effective on these bleach stains. Due to the harmful effects of chemical carpet cleaners, it would be best to use a dye that matches your carpet.

If you want to avoid making mistakes when choosing an appropriate dye carpet cleaner, carry a few fibres that aren’t stained.

Compare them with the different hair dyes in the store you intend to buy from, then pick the exact colour or the closest. After applying the hair dye, the carpet will seem like it is turning black.

That’s normal. Now get a blow-dry and a timer. For most dyes, it takes around 20 to 30 minutes to dry. Dry for around those minutes while checking if it is dry. After the carpet is completely dry, it will have its original colour. You don’t have to rinse off the hair dye.

Using Fast-Drying Paint

There is a wide range of paints that you can conveniently use to remove bleach stains. You remove the stain by painting over it, adding an easy on the eye visual effect.

You must, however, consider the size of the spot you intend to paint over. Additionally, when choosing the colour to use, have your carpet’s colour in mind.

If you intend to use these acrylic paints, it would be best to choose one that matches your carpet’s colour. Once you have the paint in hand, make sure you paint every fibre on your carpet for uniformity. The downside is the amount of time you will spend painting over the bleach spot.

Another thing that you need to do is apply the paint lightly. If you use too much paint, you risk having stiff carpet fibres that are uncomfortable to walk on.

If you are not confident about the quantity to use, consult a professional carpet cleaner. Effective bleach stain removal demands paints under the day’s light.

Painting at night or using the wrong colour paints often results in an inappropriate carpet appearance. For this reason, if you realize the paint you have bought doesn’t match your carpet’s colour, mix a few paints creatively.

Use Automotive Carpet Paint

Automotive carpet paint is an alternative that you can explore in bleach stain removal. However, not all carpet types are compatible with automotive paints.

Carpet cleaners remove bleach stains using these automotive paints on thin or vinyl carpets. The downside of automotive carpet paints is the stiffness they bring to your originally soft carpet.

To avoid having stiff fibres, use disposable Tupperware which you will spray your paint into. Now use a fine paintbrush and paint the bleach stained fibres.

Interior House Paint in Bleach Stain Removal

Carpet cleaners effectively use latex interior paint in removing stubborn stains from bleach spills. Normally, interior house paint is cheap because of its wide use.

The office-style look created by painting latex paint over the stain is appealing. Also, the carpet becomes flat, allowing people to walk over it without causing discomfort under the feet.

The painted carpet becomes stiff upon painting. The stiffness is intriguing since it looks close to laminate flooring. Amaze your visitors with the laminate textured carpet in your home. Besides the decorative effect of interior house paints on carpets, you can easily match a carpet’s colour with multiple paints as they are readily available.

Using Ink Professional carpet cleaners

use ink in the place of chemical carpet cleaning. If your carpet is manufactured using fibres similar to a pen’s or marker’s colour, you just hit the jackpot. Carry a few carpet fibres to the store and get an ink colour that matches your carpet.

When painting over the bleach stain using close shade markets, first place a water dab in a glass container. Second, dismantle your marker and place its interior in the glass container.

If you have to cut the marker, use a sharp razor. Place the marker’s centerpiece in the dab and wait it out as it gradually becomes a dye. If you are using ink, drain it in the water you have put in a glass container.

If the ink still has a concentrated colour, add more water until you achieve the desired dilution. The next step is painting the ink over the bleached stained spot on your carpet. However, it would be best if you painted your carpet lightly to avoid loosening the fibres.

Cut Out the Strained Spot

If all the carpet cleaners you try out aren’t effective, you can consider cutting out the bleach-stained spot creatively and aesthetically.

Don’t cut big chunks of your carpet. This method is only effective when only a few fibres are bleach stained.


I hope that this article has answered your question. Carpet cleaners remove bleach stains but pose a health risk.

For this reason, most homeowners have resulted using the above-discussed alternative methods.

If you try different carpet cleaning chemicals and fail, always reach out to professional carpet cleaning personnel.